Switzerland is one of the most entrepreneur-friendly countries in the world; therefore it’s the perfect location for those who want to open a startup company or to invest in small to medium-sized businesses. The main reasons why you should consider launching a startup in Switzerland are the following:

  • Favorable tax policies for foreign investors and foreign companies branching out on the Swiss market;
  • Stable economic environment and healthy economic policies;
  • Government support for startups through various strategies and policies targeted towards small businesses;
  • High quality of life;
  • Favorable interest rates and access to funds.

Considering all these factors along with the financial viability it’s easy to see why Switzerland is often reward with A+ grades in most business rankings. The following business ideas for Swiss startups are not meant to be viewed as the only viable opportunities to invest in Switzerland, but are rather based on the current development of the Swiss industry sectors and future predicaments for their evolution. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself just to these ideas and do your own market research before deciding which type of business you should start in Switzerland.

1. FinTech companies

Switzerland has all the necessary prerogatives to become one of the leading FinTech nations and one of the first to embrace blockchain technologies. Numerous providers of digital currency solutions have already found their way to Switzerland and especially the canton of Zug has developed into a FinTech hub, leading to its reference as "Switzerland’s Crypto-Valley".

2. Data analysis companies

Any type of company needs data in order to be able to operate. Even small businesses, not to mention top fortune companies are in need for data collection to make business decisions and create viable strategies. Therefore, a company specialized in data analysis could find plenty of clients on the Swiss market alone, but also in other jurisdictions, by providing online services. Considering the large number of companies registered in Switzerland, a data analysis company can easily work with clients from different industry sectors.

3. Fund management companies

Switzerland is also a popular destination for wealthy individuals and companies who own offshore accounts. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to start a business as fund manager, even though there are strict regulations for fund management companies in Switzerland, such as obtaining special authorizations to manage investment funds. The main legal requirements for this type of companies are provided by the Collective Investment Scheme Ordinance and the Collective Investment Schemes Act.

4. Business consultancy companies

The number of entrepreneurs looking into advice on how to start a business in Switzerland is constantly increasing, due to the favorable business environment and opportunities that they can benefit from in the country. Therefore, it’s a good idea to provide consultancy services for those to want to open a company in Switzerland, especially since you can partner up with specialized firms in company formation in Switzerland that already have a well-established reputation in this field.

5. Travel consultancy companies

One of the industry sectors that are currently booming in Switzerland is travel. From the increasing number of tourists visiting Switzerland, especially due to its geographical location and beautiful landscapes, to business trips made by foreigners who own or are partners in Swiss companies and students enrolled in Switzerland’s top universities, there is certainly a demand for high quality travel services. The competition might be tough in this field, but with a solid strategy and a good market positioning, eventually looking into niche travel opportunities, travel consultancy is something you should look into if you want to launch a startup in Switzerland.

If you decide to launch a startup company in Switzerland, our company formation specialists can help you draft the necessary documentation, guide you through the company registration process and handle all the legal aspects to get your company up and running as quick and hassle-free as possible.


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