Company formation Zug Switzerland

Company Formation Zug Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for its most innovative technological systems, and Zug is at the forefront of this innovation.
According to an interview with Karl Kobelt, Mayor of Zug; by 2030, Zug could even become a smart city. 

If you are interested in starting a business in this area, you're in the right direction. Of the 26 cantons of
Switzerland, Zug has the best odds for success. Zug is known for having low tax rates, and this is favorable for many

Its strategic, central location is another added advantage as multiple businesses from all over the world can easily
connect in Zug. 

In this article we'll explain what you need to form a company Zug. But, before we delve into that, here is what you need
to know. 

What should you know about company formation Zug Switzerland,

  • There are several types of companies in operation in Switzerland. Five of the main company types are: 
    1. Corporation (AG/SA) Aktengielschaft;
    2. Partnership (General and Limited);
    3. Sole Proprietorship;
    4. GmbH Gesellschaft mitbeschränkter Haftung;
    5. Cooperative company.
  • Each of these companies has its unique modus operandi. There are also rules backing the establishment, financing, and
    general running of these companies.
  • Every company is subject to the payment of tax and the rate of payment differs according to the company type.
  • Switzerland has an accommodating business policy that allows both citizens and non-citizens to own companies (both
    parent and branches) in the country.
  • Zug is a very attractive location for setting up companies. It houses several big companies like Google and Adobe.

How to go about a company formation in Zug Switzerland

Forming a company in Zug is easy, but there are carefully laid out steps that should be followed to avoid making the
wrong move. Foreigners are recommended to employ the services of professional company formation agents to guide them
through the journey. This is why we, at Sigtax, exist. We have been through the process over and again, and we have
enough experience to guarantee you a stress-free process. 

You do not have to waste time or resources looking for what to do, simply reach out to Sigtax, and we will walk with

Generally, the registration process is the same all over Switzerland. Some cantons may have some deviations, but they
all generally point in the same direction. Here are the steps involved; 

  • Choose the most suitable company type:- Make a proper analysis after considering some factors like the size of your
    employees, and the number of shareholders involved. Sigtax offers assistance for company owners who are uncertain about
    the right choice to make.
  • Choose a suitable name for your company:- Find a name and confirm from the local registries that the name is not in use.
  • Open a corporate bank account:- This is where all financial transactions relating to the business will be made. The
    initial share capital can also be deposited in this account.
  • Get important documents:- Draft important documents like the Article of association and the public deed of
    incorporation. The article of association should contain:
    1. The name, purpose, and local address of the company.
    2. Amount of initial share capital
    3. Members of the Directorate and auditors.
    4. The number of shares.
  • Append signatures to the documents above before a public notary in Switzerland.
  • Fill out the declaration forms
  • Validate the existence of your company by officially submitting all the documents to be registered at the Swiss Trade
    Register. Only companies that are fully incorporated into this register are seen as legal companies in Switzerland.


Once you have successfully completed these steps, you would be a company owner in Switzerland. The entire registration
process can take anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks, depending on the size of the company and the correctness of documents
submitted. The higher your experience with these processes, the lesser the time to be spent in the process. 

After the registration certificate has been issued, the names of the shareholders of the company, and the articles of
association are published in the local commercial Gazette. 

Taxation in Zug

Switzerland is a very law-abiding country, so every business owner should aim to pay tax correctly. Cantons can have
different tax rates, albeit within the same range. Most companies are exposed to the three levels of tax which are: 

  1. Corporate tax (Federal tax).
  2. Cantonal tax
  3. Communal tax.


Each of these taxes is administered at various levels. Currently, the Corporate Income tax at Zug is 11.91% on the
profit made from the company. 

After the registration process, tax paying companies should apply with the federal tax administration. The tax
application process is not difficult and does not take a long time to be completed. The applicant will need to attach a
copy of their issued registration certificate and other required documents. 

Companies with employees may need the employees to register for social security. The social security system will cover
the employee for; accidents, disabilities, retirements, and other possible occurrences in the workplace. 

Benefits of a company formation in Zug

This is one setting where the pros outweigh the cons. Here are some reasons why you should consider setting up a company
in Zug Switzerland; 

  1. High economy standards: When calling top economic forces in the world, you cannot leave Switzerland out. Investors from
    all over the world come to Switzerland to lay business claims hence expanding the international market, and making it
    more profitable.
  2. Highly qualified workforce: When it comes to skills, the workforce of Switzerland is well equipped. With a literacy rate
    of 99%, you will always find over qualified staff. There is a high innovation rate, and technology is soaring in
  3. Low tax rates: Zug in Switzerland is known for setting their tax rates at a low level. Currently the corporate income
    tax has a rate of 11.91%.
  4. Transparency policy: Shady deals are almost non-existent in Switzerland. All financial transactions are transparent, and
    the taxes are at a minimal rate. Therefore, it is easy to track your business closely and get the best returns from it.



In summary, a company formation in Zug Switzerland has good potential and we are here to show you the way. We are your
go-to company for a smooth company formation process in Switzerland. Our agents are equipped with enough knowledge and
experience to take you through the journey. Save time and unnecessary expenses by employing our services. 

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