What should you know when you apply for the Swiss citizenship

If you want to live and work for long term in Switzerland, you can apply for Swiss citizenship. This will not only help in terms of tax incentives, but allow you better access to the facilities provided by the Swiss government through various special programs. . Before applying for Swiss citizenship, there are a number of pertinent elements you should fulfil.

Swiss regulations for buying property

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing real estate in Switzerland, particularly a house or a commercial property is quite difficult. The Swiss real estate market is strictly regulated. Owning a house in Switzerland is not something, considering more than 60% of the people living in the country usually rent their residence.

Status of foreign workers in Switzerland

A quarter of the staff employed in Switzerland is made up of foreigners. They are the holders of a work permit and a residence permit. For foreigners who want to invest and operate their own business in Switzerland or managers of foreign companies, especially those firms generating jobs, getting the residence permit and the work permit is not a problem.