FinTech licensing in Switzerland simplified based on new FINMA regulation

FINMA published the guidelines for FinTech licenses applicable from 2019. Find out what documents and information must be included in the license application.

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Essential documents that foreign citizens need if they want to work and live in Switzerland

Find out what the most important documents are that foreigners need to obtain if they want to work and live in Switzerland and the main conditions that apply in order to obtain them.

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When is a Swiss company obliged to maintain bookkeeping?

Basic details about the obligation of Swiss companies to maintain bookkeeping records and under which conditions, as established by the Swiss legislation in order.

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Switzerland, one of the most attractive countries in the world for expats

Switzerland has ranked once again among the top 10 most attractive countries for expats in 2018. Here are the most important factors that Switzerland so popular among expats.

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8 administrative tasks essential to run a business in Switzerland

Some of the most important administrative tasks that are required to successfully run a business in Switzerland, especially regarding the taxation of Swiss companies and corporate tax rates.

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10 tips to grow your business in Switzerland

Useful tips to help you grow your business in Switzerland, from choosing the right location and legal form to taxation and culture clashes that foreign companies and entrepreneurs should take into account.

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