Swiss ( Switzerland ) Company Formation

Taxation for Swiss Companies

With various levels of direct taxation: direct federal tax, cantonal and municipal taxes, the Swiss taxation system is
quite complex. At SIGTAX, we help our clients significantly reduce the total tax bill, especially for cross-border
businesses or group structures that operate in various jurisdictions. 

Our goal is to help you dodge the common pitfalls and operate smoothly within Switzerland. Our tax planning services

  1. Creation of tax returns;
  2. Tax optimization, planning, and advice;
  3. Representation before designated tax authorities;
  4. Accounting and consulting for the Swiss and EU VAT;
  5. Accounting and consulting for the Swiss and EU withholding tax.

Reasons to incorporate a business in Switzerland

Here are some benefits of forming a company in Swiss.

  1. Business transparency.;
  2. Excellent taxation system;
  3. High financial security;
  4. Full support from the government for investors;
  5. Stable economic system.


Before we consider how to open a Swiss company, let us first look at the available types of companies running in


What we do

With more than a decade in Swiss company formation, our experts at SIGTAX have mastered the company incorporation process in every canton and can help you get started in the least possible time.

We are present in:

Geneva, Zug, Zürich, Lugano

Company types in Switzerland

This company is formed by at least minimum one shareholders, having a minimum share capital of 20,000 CHF. Each partner's liability is limited to their nominal capital.

Here, the liabilities of the company are solely covered by its own assets. This is the most popular legal corporation in Switzerland. This option is preferred by companies trying to establish a subsidiary. The predetermined base capital is divided into shares. This business type is favorable because it can be used by both small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

In this kind of business, two or more normal persons come together to run a corporation, business, firm, or trade. Here, all partners are jointly liable. There is no minimum capital required to have, and there are no limitations towards the company's creditors.

This is also called the one-man business. An advantage of this type of business is flexibility. Anyone can decide to start up a business, trade, or company. There is no required base capital. It is very uncomplicated, easy to form, and easy to dissolve. It can also be easily transformed into any of the other business types.


That said, what are the exact procedures for the Swiss company's formation? 


  • Choosing the right company type for your business: You can do this yourself, after weighing your choices, or have a professional make the decision for you.

  • Pre-clarification process: This involves the naming activities. You need to have a unique business trading name. 

  • Document collection and preparation: Here, the paperwork journey begins. You need to open a corporate bank account, draft articles, join queues, append signatures, etc. 

  • Finally, submit all documents at the Swiss trade register to register your company.


Documents necessary for Switzerland companies formation

Here is a list of some documents that will be required for the company formation process:

  • The articles of association.
  • Specimen signatures of the managing board members
  • Lex Stampa declaration form
  • Documents containing the company's social status.
  • Others, as requested.

FAQs about forming a company in Switzerland

Yes. As a foreign investor benefiting from Switzerland, you must have a registered branch of your company in Switzerland.

Yes. There are laws in place, which allow international investors in Swiss. 

This is dependent on the type of company you are running. While sole proprietorship requires no minimum share capital, LLC requires a minimum of 20,000 CHF and the stock corporation (AG) has a minimum requirement of 100,000 CHF.

The articles of association and the Business registration document are requested, possibly among other documents.

The processing time differs, but generally, it takes a minimum of 10 working days.


Are you an entrepreneur looking to start up a business in Switzerland? Do you want to experience a hassle-free Swiss company formation? We are here for you! At Sigtax, we have been engaged in hundreds of Swiss companies formation processes over the years. We cover all legalization processes from start to finish at Sigtax; all you need to do is contact us, then sit back and relax while we get your company registered in no time.