Swiss GmbH requirements

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What are the legal requirements for setting up a company in Switzerland?

One of the most lucrative places to start a business in the world today is Switzerland. A lot of factors including its economic and financial stability has contributed to this quota. With businessmen all over the world trooping into Switzerland to establish corporate firms of all sizes and functions, it is pertinent to know the requirements of the Swiss company formation system. As an organization interested in giving our clients concise knowledge about a venture before they go into it, we have outlined below the major requirements for the Swiss GmbH establishment. 

Swiss GmbH Requirements

GmbH is short for Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung which means Limited Liability Company (LLC) in English. This ranks for second position in the most preferred legal Swiss company. Here are some of the features of the GmbH:

  • It has separate legal personalities, but requires at least one legal participant.
  • A founder must be present in the group. This founder can be a foreigner or a citizen.
  • As the name implies, the liability is limited to the company’s capital.
  • There must be a formal incorporation procedure during the establishment of the company. In this procedure, the GmbH is entered into the commercial register.
  • The term ‘GmbH’ should be included in the chosen company name.
  • The capital is divided into shares which must add up to a minimum of CHF 20,000.


Here are some of the advantages of using a Swiss GmbH formation system:

  • There is no rule against foreign founders. The company can be completely owned by a foreigner.
  • A single member can own the company.
  • The liability of the company is limited to the contributions of the shareholders.
  • KYC regulations do not allow the reveal of the beneficial owner of the company. This critical information is only released to banks in confidentiality during the process of opening an account.
  • Corporate tax rates are very low
  • Developed financial systems ensure a smooth business running process.


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Here are some of the requirements we need to proceed:

  • Personal identification modes like; Passports, Residence proof (electricity bill, phone bill, etc, usually not later than 3 months), bank reference letter, and a business plan.
  • Filing all documents with the company registry.
  • Signature appendage in the presence of a public notary.


It is after the above have been completed, that the public notary will then give authenticity to the articles of association and the public deed of incorporation. 

Here are the contents of the articles of association:

  • Intended name of the company
  • Full local address of the company
  • Purpose of company incorporation
  • Appointment of executives
  • Share capitals and total issued shares.


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