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Swiss offshore companies

Switzerland is often considered one of the most suitable locations for incorporating an offshore company along with many other jurisdictions. However, it is a reputable and prestigious jurisdiction with a relatively low tax rate and especially a well-known reputation for the quality and security of its services and is located in the center of Europe.

Company Establishment in Zug Canton

With fantastic transportation infrastructure, clean environment and a hub for innovation, the Zug canton is an attractive region for establishing a Swiss residence, as well as a popular location for doing business. Zug offers a wide range of business sectors, focused in this popular Swiss canton, which makes it an attractive location for new entrepreneurs who want to invest in business ventures and take advantage of the favorable tax system and business-friendly environment.

5 Benefits of holding company in Switzerland

The legal structure of a Swiss Holding Company is meant to allow the said company to manage financial investments for long for the long run in other affiliated companies. For a company to be classified as a Swiss holding company under the provisions of the Swiss legislation, it is required that the respective company doesn’t conduct business activities in Switzerland.