3 examples of blockchain-based business ideas

The blockchain technology is widely used by entrepreneurs who establish start-ups in Switzerland. Here are some ideas for successful blockchain-based start-ups, such as ICOs and Fintech companies established in Switzerland.

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Governing bodies of the Swiss GmbH

The GmbH is one of the most common business structures used in Switzerland, along with the AG. Find out more about the governing bodies of a Swiss GmbH, their role and how they are formed.

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How to avoid the most common mistakes when founding a sole proprietorship in Switzerland

Avoid some of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when founding a sole proprietorship in Switzerland. Find out more about company registration, VAT registration and other legal requirements in Switzerland.

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Which legal form should you choose for your Swiss company?

If you are thinking about opening a company in Switzerland, you should know which type of legal form is best suited for your business needs. Find out more about four of the most common legal forms in Switzerland, with their advantages and disadvantages.


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5 ideas for startups in Switzerland

If you are looking into launching a startup in Switzerland, these 5 business ideas can help you make your decision. Switzerland’s favorable business environment, especially for startups and small to medium-sized companies makes it the perfect location to open a company.


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Benefits and incorporation of the Swiss corporation

The Swiss corporation (AG) is the most common type of company incorporated in Switzerland because it provides certain significant advantages. These are the most important benefits of a Swiss corporation, as well as details about the incorporation procedure, taxation, accounting and the status of the shareholders.


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