Best investment opportunities in Switzerland

Investment opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs who want to create new business opportunities in Switzerland or to expand their business activities in the country.

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10 tips to grow your business in Switzerland

Useful tips to help you grow your business in Switzerland, from choosing the right location and legal form to taxation and culture clashes that foreign companies and entrepreneurs should take into account.

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How to open an e-commerce company in Switzerland

Learn more about the most important factor to consider if you want to open an e-commerce company in Switzerland, specific characteristics of the Swiss e-commerce market and the profile of the Swiss e-consumer.

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7 helpful tips for company formation in Switzerland

Helpful tips for company formation in Switzerland which entrepreneurs should take into consideration to ensure the success of their business venture on the Swiss market and to avoid the most common pitfalls of start-up companies.

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How to start a franchise business in Switzerland

The franchising business sector offers many opportunities for foreign investors interested in starting a franchise business in Switzerland. Find out what legal requirements are necessary to start a franchise business and register a company in Switzerland.

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The benefits of a Swiss joint venture

Forming a joint venture in Switzerland offers significant benefits for the founding partners. Usually, for a joint venture, the AG is the most common legal form used.

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