Essential documents that foreign citizens need if they want to work and live in Switzerland

Find out what the most important documents are that foreigners need to obtain if they want to work and live in Switzerland and the main conditions that apply in order to obtain them.

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Switzerland, one of the most attractive countries in the world for expats

Switzerland has ranked once again among the top 10 most attractive countries for expats in 2018. Here are the most important factors that Switzerland so popular among expats.

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Applying for Swiss citizenship in 2018

The most important factors to consider for foreign citizens who want to apply for Swiss citizenship in 2018. Basic requirements for obtaining Swiss citizenship and the changes made to the Swiss legislation starting with 2018, concerning the naturalization process and applying for Swiss citizenship.

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Swiss residency – what are the advantages of obtaining a Swiss residence permit?

If you are not a Swiss citizen, you need a Swiss residency permit to live in Switzerland for a period longer than 3 months because only a tourist visa does not allow a 3-month stay. There are various types of permits and different ways to get in their possession, depending on what you want to do in Switzerland.

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Blue EU card

The EU card it is basically a work and residence permit created by the European Union for the non-European citizens in order to allow them to work within European Union countries. 

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Switzerland approves simplified citizenship rules for third generation immigrants

The Swiss have voted for the law allowing third generation immigrants to receive Swiss citizenship much easier and faster, on the referendum organized on February 12 2017

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