VAT Switzerland

Run a Smooth Business Without Dealing with VAT compliances

Understanding Swiss Value-added Tax (VAT) can be quite confusing and tedious for enterprises contemplating expanding in Switzerland, or even businesses who have already identified the tremendous prospects in the country. 

As they sell internationally, many businesses confront rigorous VAT legal responsibilities. In the same manner, businesses that provide products or services across Switzerland’s territories or transport items to a Swiss warehouse or delivery station are liable to pay VAT to Swiss authorities 

Sigtax can assist you. We can analyze and handle your domestic VAT responsibilities in collaboration with our global tax calculation and reporting specialists. Along with VAT registrations, we provide full in-house Swiss fiscal representation services. 

As a VAT Agent, we have the necessary knowledge and resources to ensure a fast business VAT Switzerland registration process. Simply provide us with data about your VAT Switzerland registration and we'll contact you to discuss how you can transfer or register these VAT levies quickly and easily. 

Get Quick and Reliable VAT registrations

Sigtax and its foreign partners provide the following services:

  1. Tailored VAT regulation sourcing.
  2. Accessibility to local VAT specialists who are fluent in the national languages and can check your registration responsibilities in Switzerland.
  3. Quick VAT registrations and continuing filings, fiscal representation, etc., are all available.
  4. Experience in dealing with local tax administration, including handling any audits. Support with inquiries from these officials.


When you work with Sigtax, you can rest assured that your company can:

  1. Delegate the full VAT registration operation so you can focus on the primary dealings of your company.
  2. Reduce the expense of registering for and reporting on VAT in Switzerland.
  3. Reduce your risk of being subjected to Swiss VAT penalties and sanctions.
  4. Improve your VAT monitoring and planning capabilities by gaining instant online accessibility to a VAT reporting and analysis team of experts.


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Enterprises in Switzerland are required to register with the local tax department to pay the value-added tax. 

Don’t know where to start? Well, we do. 

We will help you register with the local authorities, leaving you to focus your attention on satisfying your customers. 

Reach out to our team of VAT experts to find out the VAT registration requirements and the steps you must take to gain a VAT number. Keep reading to find out how this works and how we can help in all of this. 

The Swiss VAT Levies We Can Help you With

  1. VAT collected through domestic taxation: This is the tax collected from taxable people living in the country who sell services or goods.
  2. VAT collected through acquisition tax: This is the tax collected by enterprises headquartered outside of Switzerland that sell goods or services to Swiss customers.
  3. Import taxes are a type of tax that is collected on items that are brought into the country.


If you're not sure where you belong, contact us today and we will help you figure out where your business falls, to avoid costly mistakes. 

Who’s Eligible For VAT?

Switzerland's VAT payers include these groups:

  1. Small businesses owned and operated by a single person.
  2. Partnerships (both general and limited).
  3. Individuals with legal capacity.
  4. Services provided by the public sector's administrative institutions.
  5. Institutions such as non-profits and foreign corporations that have taxable income in Switzerland are eligible.


For more information on how these types of companies must register for VAT in the United States, contact our Swiss legal experts here. 

Switzerland's tax rates

  1. Food and non-alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, journals, and books are taxed at a flat rate of 2.5 percent.
  2. Tourism rates for hotel accommodations include breakfast and are subject to a 3.07 percent VAT.
  3. The basic tax rate is 7.7 percent, and it applies to most products and services.


What is the VAT Registration Process?

A business must register with the Federal Tax Administration within 30 days of the start of the VAT obligation threshold if the company is incurring tax liabilities. It is advisable to execute the process voluntarily but as a busy business owner, you can leave the entire process to financial specialists at, who have years of experience dealing with matters like this. 


Swiss VAT Registration Documents

If the company is located outside the country, you need to present your business's name, address, and the name and address of the authorized Swiss fiscal agent to apply to the institution. We will handle the rest. 

For more information on how to go about this, reach out to us now!