impuestos en suiza

Gift Taxation in Switzerland

Gift tax is a specific kind of taxation existing in Switzerland. This kind of taxes usually levy on gifts received by the swiss residents and can vary from each Cantone. Luckily, not all gifts are taxable in Switzerland. Gift taxes were imposed by the government in order for heirs to stop avoiding taxation, in case they receive an immovable property or great amount as an inheritance. The gift tax almost applies to every Canton except for Schwyz and Lucerne, these Cantons are tax exempted under the swiss legislation. But many locals believe that a gift tax is unfair and as for many countries such a definition is don’t even exist.

Tipos de impuestos en Suiza

Los tipos de los impuestos existentes en Suiza se puede dividir en tres grandes categorías: los impuestos federales, impuestos cantonales y los impuestos municipales. A fin de evitar la superposición de la fiscalidad, Suiza ha concluido acuerdos de doble imposición con la mayoría de los países industrializados, para proteger a los inversores extranjeros de la doble tributación.