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Capital Increase and Capital Reduction: the New Swiss Corporate Law in a Nutshell

A new corporate law, Capital Increase and Capital Reduction in Switzerland is set to come into force on 1 January 2023. 
But what does it mean for your Swiss business and how can you take advantage of the opportunities it offers?
The new legislation is designed to improve the functioning of companies, particularly with regard to capital increase and capital reduction. The main objective is to simplify the process of corporate restructuring and to help companies engage in efficient capital management. 

A Quick Guide to Swiss Corporate Tax Rates in 2022

Switzerland is the preferred destination by most   businesses wishing to expand their operations. With its low tax rates, modern infrastructure, and stable economy, companies running in the country are among the most successful in the world.  In fact, it’s ranked as the world’s best country for doing business by Bloomberg Rankings.

Registrar una empresa en Suiza

Suiza ofrece muchas oportunidades de negocio para las empresas y corporaciones que operan en los diversos campos de actividad. Por lo tanto, registrar una empresa en Suiza es un negocio inteligente, especialmente para las empresas que buscan expandir su actividad en el extranjero.