Company Establishment in Zug Canton

With fantastic transportation infrastructure, clean environment and a hub for innovation, the Zug canton is an attractive residential region as well as a preferred business location. It offers a broad, but focused mix of sectors becoming an attractive tax situation and a business-friendly environment for any new entrepreneur ready to invest in.

Another reason for which many investors choose Canton Zug is because of the low taxes applied here - the lowest taxes in Switzerland. For example, a deductible tax on income and wealth was in 2011 at 8.5%, a withholding tax on dividends of 35 and a VAT tax of 8%, not payable for export of goods and services.

Though in Switzerland there are many types of companies to choose from, in Zug, the most popular are the “Aktiengesellschaft (AG)” and the “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)”.

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Registrar una empresa en Suiza

Suiza ofrece muchas oportunidades de negocio para las empresas y corporaciones que operan en los diversos campos de actividad. Por lo tanto, registrar una empresa en Suiza es un negocio inteligente, especialmente para las empresas que buscan expandir su actividad en el extranjero.

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