Strategic Solutions for Swiss Skilled Worker Shortage

In recent years, Switzerland has faced a pressing challenge—a shortage of skilled workers. By the end of 2023, more than 120,000 job openings had not been filled, which has affected industries vital to the country's economy. To address the shortage of skilled workers, Switzerland is taking action by improving vocational training, loosening immigration rules to attract foreign talent, and more. These steps are designed to fill job vacancies and prepare the workforce for future needs.

Points to Consider When Starting a Small Business In Switzerland

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. However, while meeting the legal requirements for company registration is essential, other aspects of setting up a business are equally important. These include selecting a suitable location, securing financial resources, and hiring employees, among other factors.


Switzerland, An Ideal Location for Foreign Investors

In recent years, many companies have sought to maximize their profits by setting up headquarters in countries like Switzerland. This strategy is popular due to Switzerland's low taxation and favorable economic policies, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors. Continue reading to learn more reasons why Switzerland is an ideal location for foreign businesses.


Running a Swiss Business: Understanding the Key Changes In 2024

Businesses operating or aspiring to operate in Switzerland must stay updated about its evolving culture, regulations, and economy. Understanding these changes allows you to adapt your business strategy proactively and succeed in the Swiss market. Read to learn some of the recent shifts in taxation, immigration policies, industry regulations, and consumer behavior


Nueva era blockchain para Suiza. ¿Qué debe saber?

El año pasado, Suiza introdujo una nueva ley, la "ley blockchain". La aplicación de esta ley seguirá dos etapas: la primera, que ya tuvo lugar el 1 de febrero, y la otra, que se producirá en agosto. El 1 de febrero se introdujeron reformas en el derecho de sociedades. En la segunda fase, en agosto, el Estado pondrá en marcha mejoras de la infraestructura del mercado financiero. Esto permitirá a Suiza disponer de un sector de criptomonedas correctamente gestionado en el que todos los agentes estén plenamente informados de las oportunidades y los riesgos asociados.

Do educational institutions need to register for VAT in Switzerland and what is the process?

All countries in the EU and Switzerland, are part of the VAT legislation requirements. And many other countries around the world have similar VAT systems. According to Swiss legislation, foreign companies need to be registered for VAT, but some companies can be part of an exception in case of services that they provide.