Accounting for virtual currencies

Accounting principles for virtual currencies in Switzerland, regarding the blockchain technology, categories of tokens and the incorporation of companies using cryptocurrencies as capital contributions.

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New laws to regulate financial intermediaries in Switzerland

The new laws, FinSA and FinIA, regarding financial intermediaries in Switzerland will come into force during 2019-2020. Changes included in the new laws will mainly affect independent asset managers and trustees, but auditing requirements will also be more simplified for certain types of companies.

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Swiss canton introduces a minimum wage at more than 17 euros per hour

For the first time in Switzerland, one of the cantons will introduce an hourly minimum wage, following a decision of the Swiss Federal Court.  This measure will come into force in the canton of Neufchatel, although it has been disputed by managers and economic organizations.

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Zug new tax regulation 2017

The Head of the Department of Finance, Heinz Tännler, supports the proposals by the Federal Steering Committee for the new tax regulation 2017. He feels encouraged regarding the cornerstones for Zug’s corporate tax law reform.

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