Points to Consider When Starting a Small Business In Switzerland

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. However, while meeting the legal requirements for company registration is essential, other aspects of setting up a business are equally important. These include selecting a suitable location, securing financial resources, and hiring employees, among other factors.


Switzerland, An Ideal Location for Foreign Investors

In recent years, many companies have sought to maximize their profits by setting up headquarters in countries like Switzerland. This strategy is popular due to Switzerland's low taxation and favorable economic policies, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors. Continue reading to learn more reasons why Switzerland is an ideal location for foreign businesses.


Closing a business in Switzerland

Despite Switzerland having one of the best business environments in the world, some businesses still find themselves having to shut down their Swiss operations for various reasons. Such circumstances are usually a result of mismanagement of the company, bankruptcy, disputes or loss of interest by the investors among many other reasons. The Swiss government has put in place several laws and regulations that apply to companies undergoing insolvency and closure. These rules address issues such as the responsibilities of directors and mechanisms to utilise when declaring bankruptcy.