Create a unique trademark in Switzerland for your business

Creating and registering a unique trademark in Switzerland helps not only to protect the brand identity of a business or a company, but it also helps in increasing awareness on the market. Find out more about how to register a unique trademark in Switzerland and the specific requirements of the Swiss law.

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Drafting of company documents in Switzerland

Legal requirements and procedures of drafting company documents for the incorporation of companies in Switzerland. Provisions of Swiss contracts and agreements.

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Company management in Switzerland

Important facts regarding company management in Switzerland: accounting, financial activities, company administration, governing bodies and more.

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Switzerland aerospace industries

Characteristics of the Switzerland aerospace industries - most important business sectors, biggest companies, work and business opportunities in the Swiss aerospace industry.

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Watch companies in Switzerland

The biggest watch companies in Switzerland and key-facts about the evolution and development of the Swiss watch industry.

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Sole proprietorship business names

Incoporation requirements for sole proprietorships in Switerland and how to choose sole proprietorship business names according to the Swiss legislation.

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