Open an e-commerce company in Switzerland

Foreign entrepreneurs interested in setting up an e-commerce business in Switzerland must meet similar requirements in terms of company formation and registration as regular companies. These are the most important requirements business owners should be aware of regarding opening an e-commerce company in Switzerland.

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Open a Fintech company in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the best locations for Fintech companies, especially since the Swiss canton of Zug has developed into a Crypto Valley for Fintech startups. Switzerland in general provides a favorable framework for foreign companies and entrepreneurs interested in opening a company in Switzerland.

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Company formation in Switzerland – a short guide

This short guide contains basic information for entrepreneurs and legal entities interested in company formation in Switzerland. You will find everything you need to know, from choosing the business name and registering a Swiss trademark to the types of Swiss business structure and corporate taxation.

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Create a unique trademark in Switzerland for your business

Creating and registering a unique trademark in Switzerland helps not only to protect the brand identity of a business or a company, but it also helps in increasing awareness on the market. Find out more about how to register a unique trademark in Switzerland and the specific requirements of the Swiss law.

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Drafting of company documents in Switzerland

Legal requirements and procedures of drafting company documents for the incorporation of companies in Switzerland. Provisions of Swiss contracts and agreements.

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Company management in Switzerland

Important facts regarding company management in Switzerland: accounting, financial activities, company administration, governing bodies and more.

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