6 things you need to know if you want to incorporate in Switzerland

Switzerland provides many advantages for companies incorporated in the country regarding taxation, legal requirements and the overall business environment. Entrepreneurs interested to incorporate in Switzerland should know what the main advantages of Swiss-based companies are for any type of business.


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Best reasons to build a startup company in Switzerland

The best reasons why you should consider launching a startup company in Switzerland: easy access to excellent talent recruited from prestigious local universities, favorable business environment for all types of companies, important business network opportunities and startup hubs developed in Switzerland.


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Open an e-commerce company in Switzerland

Foreign entrepreneurs interested in setting up an e-commerce business in Switzerland must meet similar requirements in terms of company formation and registration as regular companies. These are the most important requirements business owners should be aware of regarding opening an e-commerce company in Switzerland.

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Open a virtual office in Switzerland

The main features and advantages of a virtual office in Switzerland are important for foreign entrepreneurs interested in incorporating in Switzerland, for Swiss companies that want to expand their presence in other cities and for foreign companies that need to establish a contact point with local business partners.

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Fund management companies in Switzerland

Fund management companies in Switzerland are responsible with managing investment funds on behalf of investors and require authorization from FINMA. Find out more about the FINMA authorization requirements for fund management companies and their role and acquire help from our company formation experts.


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The Swiss Company Act

The Swiss Company Act establishes the regulations regarding the company formation process. The Swiss Company Act falls under the Swiss Code of Obligations, which is a section of the Swiss Civil Code. It includes certain provisions regarding types of companies in Switzerland, booking and accounting requirements.


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