How to start a franchise business in Switzerland

The franchising business sector offers many opportunities for foreign investors interested in starting a franchise business in Switzerland. Find out what legal requirements are necessary to start a franchise business and register a company in Switzerland.

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How to avoid the most common mistakes when founding a sole proprietorship in Switzerland

Avoid some of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when founding a sole proprietorship in Switzerland. Find out more about company registration, VAT registration and other legal requirements in Switzerland.

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How and when is it necessary to register a company in the Swiss commercial register?

Certain types of companies are required to be entered into the Swiss commercial registry, while others don’t have to go through this procedure. However, it is recommended for any form of business structure to be registered to avoid possible legal issues.


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UID number in Switzerland - answers to the most important questions

Starting with 2011, companies registered in Switzerland or operating in Switzerland receive a unique company identification number (UID). Find out if your company is eligible for a Swiss UID number, how to obtain it and what purposes does it have.


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5 ideas for startups in Switzerland

If you are looking into launching a startup in Switzerland, these 5 business ideas can help you make your decision. Switzerland’s favorable business environment, especially for startups and small to medium-sized companies makes it the perfect location to open a company.


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6 things you need to know if you want to incorporate in Switzerland

Switzerland provides many advantages for companies incorporated in the country regarding taxation, legal requirements and the overall business environment. Entrepreneurs interested to incorporate in Switzerland should know what the main advantages of Swiss-based companies are for any type of business.


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