5 Benefits of holding company in Switzerland

A Swiss Holding Company is a vehicle whose main purpose is to manage long-term financial investments in affiliated companies. To be classified as a Holding Company under Swiss Tax law, the Company must not conduct business activities in Switzerland. The holding status is recognized at a cantonal level but not at a federal level. The conditions to obtain the holding status vary from one 

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Why invest in Switzerland?

Switzerland has become a preferred destination for investorsdue to its taxation system, geographic and political position, low inflation, low unemployment rate as well as its competitive business environment. 

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Registered trademark in Switzerland

A trademark is a legally protected sign, used to distinguish products and services belonging to different businesses. Any graphic representations can be used as trademarks according to the law, including words, letter combinations, numericals, graphic images, slogans, three-dimensional forms, tones, or combinations of all these elements.

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5 facts about the business environment in Switzerland

Doing business in Switzerland is a great opportunity for many entrepreneurs and companies interested in investing their money into profitable and advantageous business ventures. 

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The Swiss corporation (AG)

The legal form for a Swiss corporation is the “Aktiengesellschaft” (AG), which is governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations. This type of company is best suited for multinational corporations looking to expand their activity on the Swiss market.

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The Swiss Commercial Registry

The Commercial Registry (“Handelsregister” in German or “Registre du Commerce” in French) provides most of the public information a foreign entity would have to know when doing business with a Swiss company. 

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