How to start a franchise business in Switzerland

The franchising business sector offers many opportunities for foreign investors interested in starting a franchise business in Switzerland. Find out what legal requirements are necessary to start a franchise business and register a company in Switzerland.

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The benefits of a Swiss joint venture

Forming a joint venture in Switzerland offers significant benefits for the founding partners. Usually, for a joint venture, the AG is the most common legal form used.

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Important points to consider when starting a small business in Switzerland

Starting a small business in Switzerland requires careful planning and taking into consideration important factors that can influence its success. These tips can help entrepreneurs create a viable business plan to incorporate in Switzerland.

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What should entrepreneurs know about opening a Swiss logistics company?

The logistics industry sector is one of the most important for Switzerland's economy. Entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a logistics company in Switzerland should know more about the development of this industry sector and what challenges to expect.

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Advantages and development of SMEs in Switzerland

Small to medium-sized enterprises represent the majority of companies registered in Switzerland. Considering their impact on the Swiss economy, the government supports their growth through various policies and strategies, which provides this type of companies with significant advantages.

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3 examples of blockchain-based business ideas

The blockchain technology is widely used by entrepreneurs who establish start-ups in Switzerland. Here are some ideas for successful blockchain-based start-ups, such as ICOs and Fintech companies established in Switzerland.

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