Open a travel agency in Switzerland

Switzerland, one of the most important travel destinations in Europe, boasts an exquisite grandeur, interesting traditions, and people with a firm reputation. 

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Company directors in Switzerland

Managing a Swiss company automatically implies having a board of directors, as it is one of the legal requirements in order to incorporate in Switzerland. Company shareholders appoint the company directors. However, company directors must meet certain requirements, depending on the type of company.

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Open a hotel in Switzerland

In terms of well – developed industries in Switzerland, tourism is certainly one of them. Switzerland is home of numerous lakes, mountain villages, cities with medieval quarters and many popular tourist landmarks. It should come as no surprise that many entrepreneurs are interested in opening a hotel or creating a successful hotel chain in Switzerland.

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Private Limited Liability Company in Switzerland

Private limited liability companies are very common among foreign entrepreneurs who decide to invest in Switzerland. In Switzerland, a LLC has the form of a GmbH, which is a company that acts as a legal entity. It can be formed by one or more individuals or by other companies with a predetermined capital. Each partner of a limited liability company is paying part of the initial share of the capital. The partner’s liability is limited to the predetermined nominal capital.


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Sole proprietorship in Switzerland

Most entrepreneurs who want to make the first step towards self – employment in Switzerland choose to do it in the form of the sole proprietorship. This means that a single individual manages a business without creating a company, such as a GmbH, for example. 

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AG vs. GmbH in Switzerland – differences and similarities

The most common types of companies established by foreign entrepreneurs in Switzerland are GmbH and AG. Both types of companies have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore the following information might be very useful for those interested in opening a company in Switzerland, to help them make a decision.

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