Important points to consider when starting a small business in Switzerland

Establishing a new business involves a lot of work in the way of administrative tasks. Although a lot of focus is put on the fulfilment of the legal requirements for registering a company, the planning and execution of other elements necessary for the business to begin operating are bound to take up most of the entrepreneur’s time. This includes choosing the business location, obtaining financial resources, hiring employees in addition to the navigating the bureaucratic processes involved.

Tax deductions in Switzerland

The calculation of the tax rates in Switzerland is based on the net income of the taxpayer. Like in most other European countries, there are several tax deductions that can be made when a tax declaration is filed in Switzerland. These will reduce the taxable income and consequently the value of tax that needs to be paid diminishes significantly.


Banking and finance in Switzerland

The Swiss banking sector is key in strengthening the swiss economy. Switzerland is well known for its diversified financial services,  privacy and sophistication. Swiss banks are actively engaged in a range of activities, in relation with both the private and commercial domain. At present, Switzerland is one of the leading countries in private banking.