When is a Swiss company obliged to maintain bookkeeping?

Basic details about the obligation of Swiss companies to maintain bookkeeping records and under which conditions, as established by the Swiss legislation in order.

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Opening a business bank account to incorporate in Switzerland

Learn more about the business bank account in Switzerland, who should use it and why it's important to have a separate business bank account to incorporate in Switzerland.

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New guidelines for tax deductions related to equity incentive costs

The Swiss Federal Tax Administration has issued a circular letter containing guidelines for tax deductions related to the costs of equity incentives. Find out what these new regulations are and if they are applied by all Swiss cantons.


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Accounting and accounting rules in Switzerland

Learn more about accounting standards, reporting and the accounting system in Switzerland. Types of financial reports required by the Swiss Code of Obligations, applicable accounting standards and audit requirements for Swiss business structures.


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Accounting Services in Switzerland

The economic stability of Switzerland is one of the most known facts about the country. Due to its taxation system, geographic and political position, low inflation, low unemployment rate as well as its competitive business environment, Switzerland has become a preferred destination for investors. 

But in order to ensure the best development of a foreign capital company, quality accounting and bookkeeping services are required.

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Open a bank account in Switzerland

One of the first steps when registering a new company in Switzerland, regardless of its type, is to open a bank account with a Swiss bank. The account is necessary to deposit is required minimum capital when founding a GmbH or an AG, but bank account are also use for other legal entities as well. 

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