What is EU card?

The EU card it is basically a work and residence permit created by the European Union for the non-European citizens in order to allow them to work within European Union countries. The countries excluded from this agreement are Denmark, Ireland and United Kingdom.  It is similar to the US green card, but for EU. The color blue was chosen as it is found on the European Union flag, so that the immigrants will easily distinguish between the US green card and EU blue card.

The purpose of the Blue EU card is to make Europe a destination for the skilled professionals that are currently immigrating to US, Canada or even Australia.

Who should apply for it?

The candidates who are eligible for the Blue EU card must meet only 3 conditions:

  • are not citizens of the EU countries;
  • have a relevant professional background ( highly-qualified or skilled professionals with 5 years’ work experience);
  • have a contract or a biding offer.

Because of the emerging need of Europe to attract skilled professionals outside European space, the EU policies related to self-employees and entrepreneurs interested in obtaining the EU blue card, have changed and are now accepting application for all the self-employed professionals that can demonstrate the positive effect of their business for the EU country and also can demonstrate the existence of the necessary financial resources for the business.

There are also various opportunities for students or trainees as well.

What are the advantages of the EU blue card?

  • facilitates the migration of the highly skilled professional inside Europe;
  • its validity is from 2-4 years with the renewal option;
  • provides the same work and salary condition as for the nationals;
  • in favor of family unification;
  • after 5 years of work experience, enables candidates for permanent residency permit.

What is the application process?

Depending on the country for which the EU Blue card is required, the application process might take up to 6 months, this because of the documentation which needs to be translated or recognized.  In some cases the application for the Qualification Recognition is also required.

After the documentation is finalized, there is also the need of a payment of 140 euro for the insurance fee. Another important document required for Blue EU card is the written declaration of the employers that states the fact that the applicant meets the conditions and requirements for employment.

The applications should be made by setting an appointment to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate since only few countries have the application process available also online.

The application can be filled by the candidate, employer or by the specialists from the law firm.

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