In the modern business world, virtual offices are highly in demand. Most successful companies carry out their activities in different locations, depending on the benefits they offer. Therefore, when it comes to establishing a contact point in Switzerland, many companies choose the option of a virtual office. A virtual office is also very useful in the context that any company established in Switzerland must have a registered office in that country.

The upside to a virtual office is that it involves much lower rental costs and it does not require the staff of a physical office. Moreover, there is no issue regarding all the specific office costs, such as taxes, utility payments and fees for the use of certain facilities.

What are the main features of a virtual office?

First of all, a virtual office provides a business address for any company that has its headquarters and operates in Switzerland. This address is required to receive correspondence from customers and business partners as well as from local and national authorities.

In addition, a business address is required to have a registered office in Switzerland, a mandatory requirement if a company is established in Switzerland. Those who need this service can take advantage of it without paying exorbitant costs, as in the case of physical offices.

Virtual offices are organized and managed by people with experience in this field. This means that any type of correspondence arrives at that address, is redistributed further, depending on the wishes of each client. For example, correspondence from tax authorities is forwarded to a company's accounting department or correspondence arriving from local business partners is forwarded to the person within the company who is responsible for maintaining business relationships locally.

Last but not least, virtual offices operate within modern business centers. This means that they also benefit from all the facilities that these business centers offer, especially with regard to the means of communication. A company that opens a virtual office will not only have a mailing address but also a phone number where messages will be redirected later and an e-mail address where e-mails can be received.

Why choose a virtual office?

First of all, the virtual office is a suitable option especially for foreign entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Switzerland. Instead of allocating valuable resources to hunt down a space for an office in Switzerland, which can be quite expensive, a virtual office is enough to give them an address in Switzerland and a point of contact with their local business partners.

Companies that are already registered in Switzerland and want to expand their operations in several cities can open virtual offices outside their headquarters. These involve much lower costs and sufficient costs to cover the main communication needs.

Foreign companies, which are not registered in Switzerland but who carry out different business operations in the country or have more business partners here, can open a virtual office to act as a contact point for those partners. Especially for the main purpose of maintaining an efficient communications line, there is no need for a physical office that involves far more costs.

The advantages of a virtual office in Switzerland

It can be a very good option for companies that work with remote employees and without physical offices. The virtual office is thus just a point of contact with the company's management.

The virtual office is usually found within a business center, which in turn has a very good location in the city center or in an area known for having business centers.

The virtual office option has become very popular in recent years and has become an important element in shaping a company's favorable image. For example, a company that has a virtual office is seen as a business that keeps its costs low without affecting its professional presence.

The virtual office can function as a universal office in the sense that it is the place where all information about business contacts is synthesized and the organization can be made according to the client's wishes.

If you need a virtual office in Switzerland, or if you need to rent office spaces and conference rooms, you can benefit from the facilities offered by our business center in Switzerland.


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